Allarme modulare con US programmabile per comandi CANBUS o Analogici. SIRENA AUTOALIMENTATA



Product Description Allarme modulare con e US Programmabile per comandi CanBus o Analogici , Sirena autoalimentata

Alarm system with battery back-up siren, volumetric protection and immobilizer for vehicles with original central door locking Remote Control. FILES Meta EasyCan kasutamisjuhend Meta EasyCan Analog application list Meta EasyCan vastavusdeklaratsioon Meta EasyCan user manual multilanguage Meta EasyCan kasutamisjuhend Meta EasyCan EVO Analog alarm system directly interfaces with the vehicle’s original analog signals. Alarm system is suitable for vehicles which digital signals can’t be used by alarm system, application table can be found on product files. Main features of Meta EasyCan EVO Analog:- alarm system with universal programmable central unit,- suitable for vehicles with 12V electrical system,- battery back-up siren,- volumetric protection by ultrasonic sensors (can be excluded),- immobilizer,- Emergency override code- with additional M327 hybrid module it’s possible to add remote controls,- possibility to add additional sensors and modules,- possibility to add wireless sensors for protecting car or even garage,- very low current consumption: 5 mA,- is pursuant to UN/ECE regulation no. 116, type aproval no. E24 116RA-000033.Protection by the alarm systemAn alarm cycle will be triggered every time:- the ignition key is turned ON- by attempt to open door, boot or bonnet,- movement is detected inside of the vehicle, – the alarm system’s supply cables are disconnected or cut or if the vechicle’s battery is disconnected.Italian company Meta System S.p.A. is European biggest security system producer for automotive and motorcycle markets.

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