Competition GZCT 0500X
4,2 cm horn tweeter

A true compression driver with horn loading, this unit is identical to those used in medium to small sized professional sound reinforcement systems for live music concerts. It is made of a large rear magnet, metal diaphragm (Magnesium-Aluminium alloy) sandwiched beneath a turned Aluminium front horn-piece and with a narrow circular aperture to ‘squirt’ the output of the diaphragm through, formed by the presence of a clear plastic ‘phase plug’ mounted in the front of the diaphragm and curved geometrically/exponentially to complement the horn it is loaded into. Also, the diameter of this circular aperture is far less than that of the diaphragm it serves. Thus the output of the whole excited area of the diaphragm has to force its way out through the smaller aperture. This, along with the narrow dispersion of the horn results in a truly terrifying 106dB per watt efficiency.

The terminals are a small version of the classic binding post and are gold plated. A front ring of aluminium is supplied with the fixings. These enable mounting within a baffle with a front piece showing. This is engraved with the brand name. They are sold singly (c/w a single capacitor for use as a -6dB safety attenuator) and are unlike any ‘tweeter’ you will ever have seen described for car use.

– Diameter 42mm
– Magnet assembly 58mm diameter x 18mm deep
– Impedance: 3 Ohms
– Resonant Frequency: 2800Hz
– Frequency Response: 3kHz to 20kHz
– Power Handling: 25w RMS, 100w peak
– Efficiency: 106dB 1w/1m
– Mounting Depth: 35mm to 55mm
– Gold Plated Binding Post style terminals
– Front turned ring of Aluminium for mounting the product to the panel
– Billet-turned stubby horn front piece with 20mm throat
– Aluminium-Magnesium tweeter diaphragm 30mm including suspension
– Clear plastic phase plug that has rear piece shaped to pressurise the output
– Rear decal has protective film to be removed after installation.


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