ALPHARD Deaf Bonce DB-123D1/D2


ALPHARD Deaf Bonce DB-123D1/D2 subwoofer da 32 cm 3000 watt Seminuovo

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ALPHARD Deaf Bonce DB-123D1/D2
New subwoofers of Deaf Bonce series! Especially for all Deaf Bonce fans, we release junior version of the legendary subwoofers at a reasonable price! New Deaf Bonce subwoofers as well as senior version are available in three sizes-12′, 15′ and 18′, and have: – Separated spiders – High overload capacity – Great linear excursion – Nominal power 1200 Watts – Max power 2600 Watts
Model DB-123D1 / DB-123D2 Type Subwoofer Size 12 inch VC Size 3 inch Cone Material Paper Magnet material Ferrite Winding material Flat aluminium Surround Material Foam RMS Power 1200 W MAX Power 2400 W Impedance 1+1 / 2+2 Ohm Frame Alu SPL 1w/1m 84 dB Fs 32 Hz Qts 0.39 BL 21.69 Vas 20.74 l

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