Porsche Cayenne Android Car Stereo
The Porsche Cayenne falls into the class of a luxury sport utility vehicle and was the..

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Porsche Cayenne Android Car Stereo
The Porsche Cayenne falls into the class of a luxury sport utility vehicle and was the first off-road sports car produced by Porsche in over 50 years, after entering the market in 2002. The car’s style evolved quickly. The second model, drawing similarities from the Audi Q7, comes in a modern, eco-friendly version, in the form of a plug-in E-Hybrid. Fittingly, the Porsche Cayenne provided the perfect balance for car lovers that wanted an SUV without having to compromise on features a typical sports model would offer, such as superior handling and a powerful engine. The first generation lived up to its hype, as it exceeded expectations upon its market debut, cementing itself as a major player in the sports/SUV market. After commencing production back in 2011, the second generation is the model you’re most likely to see on the roads today. The third generation which began production this year will no doubt have all the flashy features you would expect from a modern Porsche, but unfortunately, that can’t be said for its predecessors. It’s for this reason that we’ve crafted a remarkable Porsche Cayenne Android car stereo for the perfect upgrade. The Best Porsche Cayenne Android Car Stereo at Xtrons: Porsche Cayenne Android 8.0 car stereo – PB78CYPP The PB78CYPP is currently our only car stereo for the Porsche Cayenne, yet this classy unit is more than capable of holding its own. The slick, retro styling is more than guaranteed to jazz up your interior and provide that touch of class your Porsche Cayenne upholstery sorely desires. Once you’ve soaked up the dapper design, you’ll notice all of the capabilities that this unit is just waiting to dazzle you with. The most standout feature being the new Android Oreo 8.0 operating system, piloted smoothly by an eight-core configuration, which makes for the ultimate combination. Key Features: Screen Mirroring DAB+ Radio Bluetooth Hands-Free 3G & 4G Wi-Fi USB & SD Card ports
Porsche Cayenne Car Accessories Xtrons not only provide you with high quality Porsche Cayenne car stereos, but also all of the accessories to go with it – meaning you’re always able to get the full package with Xtrons. If you’re feeling like your car stereo needs something a little extra, you can guarantee that we’ve got it waiting with our large range of additional products to bolster your head unit’s capabilities. Porsche Cayenne Fascia Panel – ICE/ACS/11-153

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