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Connect directly to CD changer port, not FM signal controlled, high quality sound guaranteed Control playback from car radio buttons and steering wheel Built-in MP3/WMA decoding chip, perfectly support MP3 and WMA tracks Built-in SD(SDHC) Card slot, USB Stick slot and AUX-IN slot Supports external audio source (MP3, MP4, PSP, mobile phone, ipod) via AUX-IN slot Playlist function same as multi CDs Support last position memory Shock proof and electromagnetic interference proof Easy to install, no damage to the original car circuit
Not battery required

Compatibility List
Generally suitable for Volvo models:Before purchase please read the Compatible Notes and check your original radio!
1995-2005 C702001-2004 S401999-2009 S601999-2005 S802001-2004 V401999-2007 V701999-2007 XC70Compatible Notes:1. Compatible with the following radio head units:HU-401, HU-403, HU-405, HU-411, HU-415, HU-450,HU-555,HU-601, HU-603, HU-605, HU-611, HU-613, HU-615, HU-655,HU-801, HU-803,HU-1205This HU-xxx number can be found on the radio faceplate, for example:

If you have a different car radio, please check with us before buying.
2. If you have RTI Navigation system in your car, you will need an additional splitter cable, please check and BUY HERE.
3. If your car radio is a SC-series radio / CR-905 / CR906, please check and BUY HERE.

This music interface is connected to the CD changer port located at your radio backside. Generally, you will need to remove the radio with the help of radio release keys. Instructions on how to remove your radio to access the CD changer port can be found through many online resources, car manuals or by a local installer. Special note for Volvo HU-series radio: the factory car radio does not provide power output, installation of this Music Interface requires electrical wiring. Before doing any electrical wiring work, don’t forget to disconnect the car battery, as the failure to do so can result in personal injury and/or blowing one of the fuses. Disclaimer: install at your own risk We are not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the car kit. If you don’t feel comfortable with DIY installation, please turn to a car audio professional in your local area.

SpecificationVoltage:11V 14.6V DCOperational Current: 200 mAS/N Ratio: 95dBTotal Harmonic Distortion: 0.05%Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHzDAC Resolution: 20bitOperating Temperature: -35-80 degree centigrade

Package Content

1 Piece Module Unit (size: 90mm 65mm 16mm)1 Piece CD Changer Wire Harness (cable length: 1000mm) 1 Piece 3.5mm Aux-in Cable (cable length: 500mm) 1 Piece User Manual (English)

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