For NTG 4.5/4.7, For NTG 5.0+

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Wireless Apple CarPlay IOS 14 & Android auto MMI For Mercedes-benz NTG 4.5/4.7 NTG 5.0+
Wireless CarPlay for iPhone and other IOS Apple devices. CarsGadget Wireless CarPlay Interface for Audi allows you automatically connect your iPhone with your car wirelessly each time you get into your car. With our CarPlay interface you will be able to make phone calls, send voice text messages , stream your favorite music, navigate through many apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Spotify, and more. All controls can be done on your car’s screen with a touch of OEM buttons leaving your phone in your pocket. Wireless Mirrorlink (AirPlay) for iPhone and other IOS Apple devices. This feature allows you to stream apps, photos and videos from your phone to your Audi screen. Basically, everything you see on your phone will be projected to the car’s LCD. Please note: Netflix, Hulu , Amazon don’t allow using their apps for video streaming via Mirrorlink. USB Android Auto and Mirrorlink for Android devices. These features have the same functionality as CarPlay and Mirrorlink for Apple devices but requires to connect your Android phone via USB cable. However, even that we claim our Audi Android Auto retrofit needs USB connection, some Android phones still can work wirelessly. View the list of mobile phones that support wireless Android auto: Click here) So make sure to give it a try connecting your phone to our Smart Multimedia Interface via Bluetooth. To use your phone with our Android Auto interface, you must download the free app from Google Play . For Mirrorlink you will need to download Android Autolink app.. Full Screen CarPlay Android Auto Supports all Audi model original Audi screen. CarPlay and Android Auto apps will be shown in full screen. USB Multimedia Player Charging Port Play your favorite music videos, mp3 files or watch movies and pictures from your USB flash drive. Also, same USB port can be used as the charging port for your phone while driving. OEM Integration Esay control CarPlay or Android Auto with central console buttons as well as steering wheel buttons. Front and Rear View Camera ready Our Audi smart interface allows you to install front view camera or reversing camera. Front view camera can be configured in Auto and Manual modes. Auto more front camera is activates for 10 seconds after shifting from R to D. Manual mode- turn front camera ON/OFF at any time via interface menu. System also support OEM (PDC) Parking Distance Control parking radar and Dynamic Guidelines will be shown in the LCD while in reverse. Hi-Res Audio Equalizer We made all possible so you can get the best audio out of your car’s speaker system. WAKAA CarPlay MMI Smart Multimedia interface has built-in equalizer where you can fine tune the audio to your preferences. The equaliser also has a few presets to choose from like: Rock, Pop, Classic and more.
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