Power: 240 Maximum /160 Watt RMS Impedance: 4×2 Ohm

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With the CO EVO series Audio System brings out speakers and subwoofers with an incredible price / performance ratio. The Audio System CO 06 EVO are designed for use as subwoofers. They can already be used in small closed cabinets but 4 liters or bass reflex from 8 liters. In a closed cabinet they also have optimal low-frequency characteristics, which is why they can also be used as a kick pass!

6.5′ (16.5cm) subwoofer with quad voice coil (QC version). 1.5 voice coil HEM Magnet (High Efficient Magnet) Improved T-Joke construction LLE (Long Life Edge) reinforced dustcap stable terminals multiple ventilation system HPPC membrane very stable sheet metal basket and PPTA Connex spider woven strands Performance data:
Power: 240 Maximum /160 Watt RMS Impedance: 4×2 Ohm Dimensions
Installation depth: 79 mm Mounting diameter: 143 mm Outer diameter: 170 mm

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